News from the Club – October 31, 2011 Camano Island Real Estate

Fall is here! (and today is Halloween (Happy Halloween!!)   With all the classic signs like the end of the baseball season and an amazing World Series, All Hallows Eve (Halloween) and Daylight Savings Time on November 5th!  Due to the weather change all of those inside projects seem to be coming out as well.  Cooking, baking, cleaning, sewing and crafts!   The chill in the air reminds us that winter is close and me of one of my father’s favorite traditional dishes; Chicken and Dumplings which I made for the very first time in years!  It warms your body through and through from the inside out!  Then on with dessert and the Gooey Pumpkin Cake which I am making one of my families traditions!  Mmmm,  mmmm!!  It is a wonderful thing to have and remember family traditions.  It is exciting and a pleasure to start my own family traditions.  Personally, I have been doing quite of bit of organizing home for winter and the holidays, decorating, cleaning and sewing.  I used to sew and be around sewing everyday!  Another first; it was so fun making a terrific gift for my husband and our Wedding Anniversary and a Princess Costume for my youngest daughter for Halloween!  I have never seen anyone so happy!  I have also been helping quite a few clients organize and ready their homes that want to list now.  Historically not the best selling or listing period but with everything else out of the ordinary this year, seems like a great time!  With lots of new inventory coming on the market, also comes a lots of new buyers.  We could be gearing up for a busy fall and winter selling time and start to the New Year 2012.  As we are starting the final and fourth quarter of the year we are all hoping to end on a big, bright note.  Pending and Sold sales are up on Camano but even more so in Snohomish County and Stanwood!  We will push our way through the falling maple leaves, rain, wind and weather to keep all of our listings looking as good as we can and try to find all of our buyers what they are looking for.  The interest rates continue to fall, as do prices so it a very good time to purchase!!

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