News from the Club – October 17, 2011

Positively Positive!  We should all want to be happy, energetic people with optimistic attitudes!  Everyone likes to be around people that are smiling, laughing and enjoying just being healthy and living life.  How do feel when your are around someone that has that positive energy?  You don’t have to be a comedian or the center of the conversation but ‘genuinely” and “sincerely” positive! What happens to us, our physical health and those around us when we are concentrating on the negative?  Stressing on the everyday, unchangeable events that our less than our expectations?  It is a very well known fact that negativity and stress severely toll on your health and well-being.  Everything in our lives hinges on staying positive or at least on the upside of our attitudes.  We obviously can’t change things that have passed, so putting undue stress on ourselves for past concerns is unnecessary. What is currently happening we have a little more control over but only slightly few more options to put a good spin on the outcome.  Our futures are what we really have the most influence on currently and by keeping ourselves at least a little upbeat and happy about our good health, family, friends and the possibility of the good to come will give us a fighting chance to make it happen.  We have got to take the glass as half full and not half empty.

It is exactly the same situation, as in the glass (and not always a good one) but how we view it and act about it changes everything!  It is very difficult sometimes and I have not always been the shining star by example.  It also doesn’t mean being an “ostrich” or “oblivious” to what is going on in the world and our own lives but just facing it in a way that will give us the most advantage.

We could say that we “only” have 40 Pending sales on Camano or we could say we have 250% more Pending sales currently on Camano than last year!  We could speak of the down economy or slow sales or we could say that the current interest rates are at an all time low!  We might stress about property values and home prices being lower than ever or what “awesome” values there are right now for buyers and investors! It is OK to not be happy all the time but it is not OK to be not happy all the time.  I take it from experience, I have been there and I don’t like the other side so I am going to try to be Positively Positive!!

Posted on October 17, 2011 at 3:43 am
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